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Mineral Tablet Plus (English)

Mineral Tablet Plus will provide necessary electrolytes for tropical fresh water fish. 

This tablets are important to help your fish regulate their osmotic body pressure.
They will become more healthier and have more defense against nitrate / ammoniac poisoning, cold, and stress.
This tablets can also prevent few fish diseases, like white spot, itch, or bloated stomach.

Use 1-2 tablets for every 10 liters of water.
Add more tablet accordingly every time you change the aquarium water.

Mineral Tablet Plus is the Fish Salt Substitute.
A modern way of using salt for fish, with added Minerals and Vitamins.

Fish salt has been used and trusted by people all over the world. 
From simple hobbyist to big breeder. So you need to use it too.
If not, it can be bad for your favorite fish, like shorter age of the fish.

24 Known Benefits of Using 'Mineral Tablet Plus':
1. Help the fish Osmoregulation process a.k.a fish body fluid balance.
2. Blocking the toxic effects of Nitrite.
3. Fish become healthier.
4. Increase fish stress and diseases resistance.
5. Prevent White Spot / Ich.
6. Controlling Saprolegnia Fungus.
7. Prevent Bacterial Attack.
8. Cure Early stages of Dropsy (a.k.a Pineapple Scales).
9. Reducing Stress (especially when moving or transport fish).
10. Improve water quality in the aquarium.
11. Balances PH in water
12. Cleaning / clearing the aquarium (from goo and debris)
13. Make the water from the pump / well can be used directly.
14. Clean the gills from the excess feed and or water.
15. Stimulates the release of ammonia and nitrates in the blood.
16. Clean the fish body from excess mucus.
17. Fish will feel fresher.
18. Improves muscle and nerve performance.
19. Fish become more agile.
20. Healthy fish bones.
21. Improves metabolic processes and important enzymes.
22. Increase the energy level in the fish body.
23. More optimal growth.
24. Fish get bigger faster.

In conclusion:
Your fish will be healthier, fresher, more agile, and less likely to be sick or stressed.

Suitable for freshwater ornamental fish, such as:
Betta, Guppy, Discus, Flowerhorn, Oscar, Koi, Mas Koki, Arwana / Arowana, etc.

Recommended way to use:
Use 1 tablet for 10 liters of water.
For standard aquarium sizes (60 Liters), 6 tablets can be used.
Or use the Aquarium size, Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm), and the result is divided by 10,000 = Number of tablets needed.
For example: 
Aquarium 60 x 40 cm, with a water height of 30 cm, then you need tablets of 60x40x30 = 72,000/ 10,000 = 7 tablets.

  • The tablets will dissolve on their own within 30 minutes, so there is no need to break or grind them again.
  • Observation of fish while adding Mineral Tablet Plus. If the fish looks agitated or apathetic, stop adding tablets, and replace some of the aquarium water.
  • Add more Mineral Tablet Plus after changing the water, for example Aquarium 60 L, replace half of the water, then add another 3 tablets.

1 Pouch contain 40 Tablets
1 Box contain 30 Pouch

Hope You will have a happy and wonderful fish pet.